Notice to Providers: PTEC no longer requires a copy of your roster.  Instead, we would like a copy of the confirmation page off the TDLR site after you upload the registrants to their system. If the student is not a registrant, please send a list of names.

Important Announcement

PTEC is now offering seven new workshops for Instructor continuing education.  These workshops can be taught by a subject matter expert and do not require a certified instructor.  Each workshop consists of 2 hours of training that will satisfy the PTAD requirement for a specific category.

  • Workshop #1 - Effective Public Speaking
  • Workshop #2 - Spice Up Your Presentation
  • Workshop #3 - Teaching Adult Learners
  • Workshop #4 - Teaching and Technology
  • Workshop #5 - True Colors Teaching Style
  • Workshop #6 - Teaching Adults
  • Workshop #7 - NOT Teaching to the Test

 Standard Licensing and Material Fees apply.  ( Material = $50 per workshop, $15 per attendee)
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