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Notice to Instructors/Providers: 

PTEC is currently in the process of updating all materials.  We hope to have this completed by the end of 2018.  Courses affected by the 2017 legislative session have been updated to reflect law changes resulting from that session.  These courses are 101, 102, 7, 8, and 9.  They are ready and available for purchase.  In addition to law changes, we have reformatted each of these courses to include the text, review questions, activities, and any supplemental documents in the outlines as presented.  Instructor notes are included in the instructor outline and PowerPoint presentation, as well.  We have also provided a PowerPoint exam review for the instructor to utilize.  Eventually, each set of material will consist of an Instructor Outline, Student Outline, PowerPoint/Review, and Exam/Key.  Please make sure you inform your instructors of this change. 
Revision Dates: 
Course 101: Intro to Property Tax Administration   06/18 
Course 102: Intro to Property Tax Appraisal    06/18 
Course 7: Property Tax Law    04/18 
Course 8: Assessment & Collection   03/18 
Course 9: Advanced Assessment & Collection  05/18 
Course 28: Truth in Taxation    08/18 
Course 30: Ethics     06/18
Course 32: USPAP     08/18 
Course 31: USPAP Workshop    01/18 
Course 3: Income Approach to Value   In process (1/14 last revision date)
Course 4:  Business Personal Property   08/18
Course 5: Mass Appraisal    In process 09/18
Course 10: Analyzing Appraisals    In process (01/18 last revision date)
Course 201: Sales Approach to Value   01/17 
Course 202: Cost Approach to Value   01/17 
Course 203: Real Property Appraisal   01/17 
RPA Combined Review  07/18
Instructor Training 2018

PTAD approved instructors must re-certify every four years to retain approval for instructing core courses. You may download a copy of the guidelines through the link below:

Guidelines for Education Approval

Organizations offering education programs:

Texas Association of Appraisal Districts -contact Doris Koch at 512 -467-0402
Texas Association of Assessing Officers- contact Lindsey Willey at 512-926-2511
Texas Assessor-Collector Association - contact Ro'Vin Garrett at 979-864-1838

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