Property Tax Education Coalition, Inc.

About PTEC

PTEC is short for the Property Tax Education Coalition, Inc. an IRS 501 (c) (4)  non-profit  corporation dedicated to providing Texas state-required education for appraisers, assessors, and collectors.   PTEC was founded by six tax-related associations including: Texas Association of Appraisal Districts (TAAD), Texas Association of Assessing Officers (TAAO), Texas Assessor-Collector Association (TACA), Texas Rural Chief Appraisers (TRCA), Texas School Administrators Association (TSAA), and the Metropolitan Council of Appraisal Districts (MCAD).  These associations appoint the board of directors of the corporation.  The corporation was initially founded as an unincorporated association that undertook to revise and keep up-to-date educational materials for appraisers, assessors, and collectors when the State of Texas ceased that activity in 1991.  After incorporating in 2009, it continues this mission.  PTEC contracts with subject matter experts who are active in the property tax field to provide a wide range of materials covering appraisal, assessment, and collection topics.

Director 1 (MCAD) Director 2 (TACA) Director 3 (TAAD)
Member Secretary Chair
Shane Docherty Tammy McRae Scott Howard
Dallas CAD Montgomery County Tax Office McCreary Veselka Bragg & Allen
Director 4 (TAAO) Director 5 (TRCA) Director 6 (TSAA)
Connie Rose Larry Krumnow Bruce Medley
McCreary Veselka Bragg & Allen Madison CAD Perdue Brandon Fielder 
Collins & Mott

"The mission of the Property Tax Education Coalition, Inc. is to reflect and reinforce the high standards and public expectations for professional development and training by providing quality educational materials and resources for the Texas Property Tax Profession."

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